Realme GT master Edition 5g GPS Tracking System


The Realme GT is a mobile phone developed by the world famous handset manufacturer Samsung. It is an ideal tool for those who want to work on the go due to the high speed of the processor and the large memory support. Those looking to buy a Realme phone should check out the offers section of this site. realme gt 5g master edition

With a price range of about Rs 20k and a sleek and slim design, the Realme GT5G fits into the budget of all. It has a single color screen and an advanced multi-tasking user interface that have made it one of the best mobile phones. Samsung claims to have made the Realme GT5G with a new microprocessor based on the ARM core architecture. This promises to make it more powerful than its predecessors.

The Realme GT5G has some advanced features such as a 2.4 mega pixels LCD screen, the Adreno 1015, an Ultra Low Noise Plus camera, the High Definition Audio and many other features that can be very useful to the users. Samsung has used the Realme GT series to launch a number of smart phones such as the Realme Ace, the Realme Echo and the Realme Via. In the case of the Realme GT series, they have not only retained the standard design, but have also managed to upgrade it with a new dual camera and a microSD slot. The Realme GT series is powered by the quad core Adreno 1015 and the power saving modes in the Android operating system to further increase the efficiency of the device.

Another very important feature in the Realme series is the presence of a Quick Charge facility. The Realme Master Edition comes with a charger and many other variants such as the Realme GT+ and the Realme Titanium. There is no third party application, so users needn’t worry about compatibility issues when they are going for this handset. Users are, however, reminded that the Realme Master Edition comes with a three year limited warranty, which should come to their help during the warranty period. The other variants in the series have extended warranty periods and users need to take care of those as well.

The Realme GT5G has been designed with a sleek body and has been given a metallic sheen finish. It looks great and provides a modern touch to the concept of mobile entertainment. The phone comes with a large screen and comes with the option to customize it with various skins that can be chosen according to the tastes and preferences of the users. The phone also features a built in browser and many web applications that can be used to browse the internet and view various pictures. The internal memory is expandable too and users can increase the memory capacity through memory card or by using a micro SD card.

A very unique feature of the Realme GT5G master edition is the built in video camera that takes quality videos and can be used to share them with friends and families all over the globe. The built in video camera has two different functionalities – the first one being the time range, whereby the user can select a particular time range from 0-9999 hours. The second one is the video recording option, which offers two different options – the first one is the normal still shots while the latter one is the motion capture mode in which the user can record videos while travelling on roads. The Realme GT5G also comes with two different models with varying storage capacity – the first model comes with thirty-six gigabytes of internal memory which is expandable up to a total of one hundred and forty-two gigabytes. The other model comes with a memory capacity of one hundred and twenty-eight gigabytes.