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When you playback test code, you will be able to record the test script that you have created so that when you play it back, it will perform the test that you have recorded. This means that there will be less work and lesser stress for you and your team of testers. To understand the method that allows you to record and play test code, you can compare this to a macro. You will be able to record and play the mouse clicks and the keyboard input that you have done and when you play the macro back, it will perform the clicks and the other activities that you have done. As you can see, it will save you a lot of time and effort. QR Code scanner

When it comes to playing back a test code, you will be able to record and play a series of codes that will enable you to record all the user interface actions. There are some automated test tools that can be used for this process and they usually allow you to enervate a test code when you perform the recording process. In general, the recording and playback engine or RnP is being used by these tools. Such engine enables the two scenarios to happen.

There is an architecture that is being followed by the engine to playback test code. This is normally a high level design. The RnP engine is responsible for running and coding the UI testing process. In the running process, this is where the tests are being interpreted. Once they are done so, they will be recorded automatically. During the coding of the tests, code generation will be done and will be recorded and played back for later.

The recorder is a component that is responsible for capturing and listening to the user interface actions that have been performed during the process. On the other hand, the playback component is the one that takes care of the interpretation of the two processes. The equivalent actions will then be played back upon the request of the user. There is also what we call here the technology abstraction layer which is accountable for the abstraction of the UI technology details and offers a consistent interface that can be called upon. All the logic that handles the specific details of the user interface technology can be implemented using plug ins so that it will be easier to execute a standard public interface. Because the interface is public, there are third party vendors that can provide plug ins for those technologies that are not supported by the testing tool that you are currently using.

The recorder usually records UI action. For instance, the tester would like to record clicking the OK button. What happens here is that the recorder will be listening to the mouse event and then it will get the X and Y coordinates. Properties will be fetched which will be used to search the button along with the property that will control the hierarchy of the OK button. An internal query string will be constructed and this includes information like the technology type.