Ew! Are There Bedbugs in My Hotel Room?

Being the avid traveler given my profession, hotel room and cruise cabin cleanliness has always been but is becoming more a growing concern of mine. Relative to this is the more pronounced concern for bed bugs and how to avoid getting bit by or even worse, bringing them home with you. 성남룸싸롱

First and foremost, know that bed bugs do NOT discriminate – even the cushiest of hotels may have to fumigate from time to time. Cleanliness of the hotel doesn’t play a role either – they are brought it by other travelers.

What to do. Do NOT throw your luggage onto the bed–use the collapsible luggage rack. After unpacking store your suitcase in a trash bag that you’ve packed in your suitcase.

Immediately remove the bedspread. Do not put it on any couch or chair that you have intentions using. Next, check under the mattress, looking for small a reddish-brown spot (which is dried excrement), checking the crevices of the mattress too-while difficult to find these bugs, this is where they typically hide.

Check couches, throw pillows, chairs and rug, the space between the wall and the rug the same way you would check a mattress, checking the crevices.

Find something? Immediately contact the Front Desk. They should provide a full refund and offer to move you to another room. If you do move to another room do a complete check. Chances are if one room has infestation, there may be others too.

If hotel staff refuses to change your room and offer a 100% refund, go elsewhere and be sure to post ill findings on TripAdvisor or, your Twitter account. The power of the Internet works wonders!